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Mooting is such a thing...
written on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 @ 11:59 PM ✈

Oh yes, everything is done. The most tiring assignment for Law students, MOOTING, for this semester is done. D.O.N.E. Ouuhhh....we won the case -Big Keparation v Fatimah bt. Senget.

But, but, but......

You see....my eyes got swollen. Huhuhu. I cried for SOMETHING due to.......let me the one and only knows. But of course, my co-counsels knew it too. They are Ferit Amir and Chinta Ezyana. We did great guys! Thanks a lot to our opponent.

My friend, Alyaa and I were appointed as A Judge for the last session. In the middle is Yang Amat Arif, Sir Mahyuddin Daud - our lecturer. Mannnn....he's toooo cute to be a lecturer. When I saw him for the first time quite long time ago, I was like "oh myyyy! Sangat lah muda! Benarkah??". Hehehe. No matter what, we respect him as our beloved lecturer. :)

The Pantuning....hahhaha. When we did our mooting and when everything is done....it reminds me to this one competition we called PESTA PANTUN. It was back in my previous life where I had been struggling to be a good Pantuner....

( Memang lumrah orang berpantun. Aku tengok gambo ni sendiri pun naik geli. Kena mekap mcm Mak Limah balik kampung. Tebal woiii! 10 hinci punya touch-up.......idak ngape lahhhh.....demi berpantun kannnnn. Nasib badan laaa...wawawa. :D )

p/s : thanks to SOMEONE yang simpan gambar original pantun nih. Huhu. You are the only one person who has this picture of mine. If you wont give it back to me, its okay, so long as you keep it wisely and carefully. ^_^

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