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Raya Seribu Makna ft Kembali Study
written on Sunday, September 4, 2011 @ 5:51 PM ✈

Okay, apa2 hal pun yang penting kena smile. Smile macam gambar di atas di mana 3 ekor burung terbang together-gether hingga membentuk smile.

Anyway, I wanna make this short. Got no time actually. About raya, everything was great. Raya kali ni aku beraya agak jauh sehingga aku terpaksa memandu selama 3 jam. Berkumpul bersama keluarga sangat indah perasaanya. Aku percaya korang begitu juga. Dan yang buat raya kali ni bermakna when someone came to raya at my home and he is somebody to me. Ok enough here.

About study.....hmmm....what makes me runsing is TAARUF WEEK. Weh rasa macam tak sanggup. Hahaha. Pendek cerita, by tomorrow I'm gonna be a bachelor. Who's going to study law. Which I think I've to strive and forget over-lepaklepak. Okay, SEMANGAT! SPIRIT! GOING BACK TO UNI! STUDY! GAIN KNOWLEDGE AGAIN! OUHHHH. And forget raya and even home. SAD!


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