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Homemade Apple Crumble
written on Sunday, August 7, 2011 @ 1:35 AM ✈

Homemade Apple Crumble for The Precious Ramadhan
Why don't we have a try girls!

Simply delicious recipe for our beloved family. I did one. It was a great feeling you know. When my parents smiled to have this recipe in their mouth and same goes to my siblings. Oh my, it's very hard to get 'well done' praises from my brothers. Hakim and Iman, they always get the point to be sarcastic about food. Especially when I cooked. But then, it's all about this apple crumble. It is very easy to bake. Much like it crumbles. So I felt glad. Hahhaa.

This comes the recipe. (I copied from somewhere around the internet. Opss!)

4 large apples

50g butter

50g sugar

100g flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

Setitik vanilla essence

1. Firstly, potong epal yang dah dibuang kulitnya into slices and letak dalam baking pan. Then kau letak dalam oven pada 190 darjah celcius selama 10 minit. Tujuannya untuk lembutkan epal.

2. Sambil itu, kau campurkan butter ke dalam tepung and gaul sampai dia jadi berketul-ketul. Ni yang kita panggil crumble tu. Hehe.

3. Campurkan gula, vanilla essence and baking powder ke dalam crumble tadi.

4. Now tabur crumble tadi atas epal yang tengah panas. Sekali lagi set microwave pada suhu yang sama selama 30 minit pulak ya.

Nak sedap, makan la dengan ais krim. Yummmyyy!


SENANG KANNNN?? So semua anak gadis pasti akan dipuji apabila apple crumble ni siap. Aku jamin babe! Try jangan tak try. ^_^

Untuk hiasan pinggan dan penyerinya, anda reka sendiri ikut kreativiti. Ada buah strawberry atau cherry mesti lagi menyerlah kan. Malangnya waktu tu aku tak ada strawberry. Huhu.

p/s : make this your dessert or appetizer semasa berbuka puasa. Mesti semua berjoget! Teehee~

with LOVE

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