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Emily Rose
written on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 @ 5:00 AM ✈

Siapa pernah tengok cerita THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE?

Okay, now kita discuss sikit pasal cerita ni. Semua tahu kan logo/lambang/corak macam tengkorak ada tulisan EMILY ROSE kat beg or baju or topi dulu-dulu zaman kita sekolah? Pernah tengok kann... Korang mesti tahu ni cerita benar. Aku bukan apa, tetiba rasa nak tulis pasal ni sebab aku yang kuno ni baru je tengok cerita Emily Rose baru-baru ni. Seram lah jugak tapi bagi aku sangat menarik.

Yang belum tengok, sila lah. Jom jom. Especially law students! Attention please... hehe. Sebab half of this film is regarding the courtroom. So, many things we could gain okay. In fact we can learn or to be accurate, we can put ourselves in their shoes (i mean the lawyers in this film) as we are defending our clients. Kononnya imaginasi aku tinggi la sebab feeling-feeling macam lawyer (ouh perasan!) masa tengok cerita ni. Ngeeee....

p/s : For more info, do search/google about Emily Rose on your own. For those interested and having high curiosity pertaining this true story (which me myself find it very interesting), you are highly recommended. You won't regret. Aku malas nak jelaskan macam-macam, but just one thing, EMILY ROSE bukan lah nama sebenar wanita dalam gambar di atas. That's all. ^_^


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