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She is sooo NEELOFA
written on Friday, March 11, 2011 @ 12:08 PM ✈

Here it is. Wanna have some entertainment? Know this girl enough? Nahhh....she is the winner of Dewi Remaja 2010. Why did I say entertainment? My own opinion, I'm entertained to see her smile. Yes, she got that spectacular smile on her face. What makes her so Neelofa then??? Thats it! HER SMILE.

It started these few days when I remain seated in front of TV for few hours (actually, many hours) and I end up watching Neelofa in few TV programmes. She got featured in many ways (magazines kau jangan cakap lah, berlambak muka dia). But the problem is I was actually just got to know her these days . I have never heard bout her before (oh gosh I'm so kuno). At the very first time looking at her, I was captivated by her smile. A smile full of sweetness and calmness. Like this : ^____^

Somehow there are some things unpleasantly brought up along her popularity. I dont know the truth but to be honest....I found this sentence : "Neelofa dan arak" while typing in the search engine (google). What on earth is this pretty girl has to do with arak? Ohh, how I shocked you won't know. Pretty sad huh. Whatever. Her spectacular smile, her character or even her controversial life....that makes her so so so NEELOFA.


P/S : Neelofa will be starring a drama KASIH NAJIHA (if I'm not mistaken) on tv9 directed by Erma Fatima and this is her first acting. Not so soon, Neelofa can be seen through a film titled Azura.



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