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God, wake they up....
written on Saturday, March 5, 2011 @ 6:58 AM ✈

Its all bout the memories. You know when you late for a second you wont be able to get it. I'm sorry for what happening. Sorry coz I'm not that perfect to be your dream. I'm not that good to hold your promise. I am not.

I dont know what to believe. Its a fate. A fate that you have no chance to show your true feelings. Sometimes it gets so overwhelming... beyond the reasonable eye drops I have to pay. I admit it. My bad. This could'nt be in this way. Its sooo wrong.

God, wake they up....
Help them find the true dreams.
I know I'm the one responsible for the things happened. For the hearts that waiting, hoping and dreaming of me. This is not showing off. This is just a writing in a diary. An open diary that I need them to read and understand. That particular 'them'.

Please let this be.
Let the time drives the way.
When there is chance given to us, grab it..one day perhaps.
But for the time being, you and me just dont meant to be.....

If there are broken-hearted persons, I am so sorry.



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