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The Vampire Diaries
written on Monday, February 28, 2011 @ 4:35 PM ✈

I dont know since when I've been so obsessed to this story The Vampire Diaries. This must be her, Siti Mariam Borhan, my roomate. She's the one who showed me this movie. Damn it, I just can't let go of this story which totally made me fall and fall and fall to the Mystic Falls (a place in Vampire Diaries). Muahaha~

It's just too hard to ignore and not to show this up. I won't care what people say. Some say that Vampire Diaries is the 'sucks version' of TWILIGHT and some say it is improper. Whatever. You watch it and then you know. Hehehe. (ops! I'm not back biting the Twilight okayy). I just love this one more. ^_^

Alright, who's starring The Vampire Diaries? The heroin, Nina Dobrev as ELENA. Actually, I did not watched the 1st season. Hehhe. I watch season 2. Which in this season Elena is protected by two famous, handsome, sexy and lovely vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon from any dangers coming to her. OhmyGod I can't imagine how these both brothers fall in love with her and thus made me fall in love with The Vampire Diaries. Yes, it started when I first saw how gorgeous Elena is. She's really beautiful okay.


This is Paul Wesley as STEFAN SALVATORE. He is Elena's beloved soulmate. If you watch Vampire Diaries, you can see how much he loves Elena and vice versa. Women love him rather than his brother, Damon. Even the doppelganger of Elena, Khaterine is also in love with him. Hell yeah. Poor Damon. Hahaha. But no wonder because Stefan is better in attitude than Damon. I agree with this.

Okay, Ian Somerhalder as DAMON SALVATORE is the one who I'd really love to see. Maaann....he's cute right? Don't oppose me please. Hehhe. I fall in love with his eyes. To be accurate, his sexy blue eyes in Vampire Diaries. He is naughty too. And I love it. I don't lie I swear. *okay, this is over.
Damon loves Elena. He's willing to do everything to ensure Elena is safe, even the love for him is not that satisfying. Know what? I end up wiping my tears watching this guy cried when he said "I love you Elena", and then compelled her out. Ouch!

The casts of Vampire Diaries. They did great job. *Ahah, as I'm the director. :D

This is one of the cover of Vampire Diaries novels.
Awwwhhh....what the gorgeous one huh.



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