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Seoul Garden
written on Saturday, June 1, 2013 @ 10:38 AM ✈

Little announcement! That this blog of mine is going a little wild talking about food onward. I do not know why, perhaps lacking of ideas?? 
(or food is actually 'heaven' than other stuffs)

Somehow, eat excessively helps to reduce your madness. Sigh.
That was a valid reason for us to choose Seoul Garden. An accurate dine-in place for you to settle down with a 'big heart', 'big tummy' and a 'big mouth' of course.

Well, you see. For those who yet to step in here, prepare your tummy empty for the whole day. Choose dinner. That is how it works and worth it to death! You may sit in Seoul Garden for about 4 to 5 hours (like we did). It is a buffet-style. So take your turn to grab some food before you repeatedly do the same. Then you can grill, you can boil it either way you like. And dont ever forget to take your turn to perform Maghrib prayer, okay.


Please check on the site. SEOUL GARDEN

My duty is only to seduce and persuade you guys to 'jump in'! (I mean it)

Extra activity. Karaoke. Sorry, please dont get me wrong. I know I have never been to 'Karok'. This is my first time ever. (We) I am not that wild, okay. (this statement must be made so as to prevent hatred among some friends)

Errrmmm. Flash. Splash. Flush?


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