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Students Exchange Programme UIAM
written on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 @ 7:35 AM ✈

Okayyy. Dah jadi puzzle, main cantum-cantum gambar.

-Achinta & Pikah-

We all sama-sama jadi committee untuk program ni. Sudah dua semester berturut-turut.
Indonesians, lifestyle dorang lebih kurang kita jugak. Pemakaian, adab and even wajah pun memang kita-kita jugak, Nusantara-faces. So, boleh get along laa. Nice to get to know them and to guide them for the KL Tour especially. Together is better!

Tadaaaa. They're law students from Universiti Islam Indonesia(UII). Dorang stay in UIAM for bout a month. Well, memang every semester pun macam ni. Cuma semester lepas dari uni lain.

Semester lepas : law students from Universiti Muhammadiyah Yogjakarta(UMY)

Heading back to UIAM with the Indonese students.
Bye all!


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