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unexpected gift?
written on Wednesday, September 8, 2010 @ 6:19 PM ✈

i have something in my mind. and the same goes to my day. it is a super something. huhu. dont know why. i've been tested by Ilahi few times before. and now it seems to happen again? gosh....am juz wishing for the best....anyway, aku juga insan biasa kan. hopefully everything will be okay and match the destiny and faith of my life.

oh ya, here it is. the unexpected gift from an unexpected person. up above. a very adorable brooch. how could i expect to get something like this. whatever it is, this brooch has its own sentimental value. really! a very sentimental value. it's not an ordinary brooch. the sentimental value in it is more gorgeous than what i can foresee. lemme the one knows bout it. ^_^

apa2 pun, thanks a lot to A PERSON that willing to gimme this kind of cute-little-accessories. never thought this can be so fast. really fast for sure. thus, i should be more and more careful right. ok then, im gonna wait and see what comes for me in future. just by that, i would like to thank him. THANK YOU. ^__^ ^__^ ^__^



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