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written on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 @ 3:22 AM ✈

As a Muslim, I am an idiot if I ever think of ignoring the real current issues regarding EGYPT today!

Now, lets talk about something serious. Lets think about something crucial and vital. Lets do something significant. Egypt today is in dire need of DOA' from all Muslims. Crying for them is useless without Doa' and support. I personally feel that those brothers and sisters in Egypt are helpless. They can do nothing but waiting! Yes waiting for Allah's help, Allah's mercy and Allah's clemency. But is that really a reason for us to stay calm, feeling good in this extra tranquility and having fun throughout our happy happy days?? I dont know. But surely I do the same, yeah I feel very very good living my sort of perfect and complete life after all. Yet I feel bad inside. Really bad.

This bad feeling? Why?

I feel bad because I can do nothing for them. I feel bad because I am not in their shoes. Bad coz I am not them. I am not an Egyptian (in fact nor a Syrian, Palestinian or Iraqian). I am not the one who feels scared to sleep at night. You know why? Because when I am not in those situations, I am actually far from Allah's attention. In this glory life with our happy days, are we really afraid of Allah? I know those Egyptians feel that. But I feel bad in this way. Without jihad, we are actually lacking of real sense of Islamic nature. The fact is that, when we are not them, we have even failed in fighting to maintain our akidah and iman, right? We have failed in fighting with our own NAFSU, right? See how weak we are? We couldn't even stand for the small jihad. What more to defeat the Zionis and Syiites? What a real name of Muslim! 

While those Muslims in Egypt are killed day by day, we are still here in our comfort zone? Can you imagine that? What to expect when the opponents are too powerful? As-Sisi and his followers, they're strong, they're the armed forces. While those innocents are fighting with empty hands? Too bad to live. Too many things to be scared out there. But Muslims have Allah with them. The Almighty, The Greatest, The Strongest.

How about you guys? You really think that your life gains Allah's pleasure already? Think about it again. Same goes to me.

People, my dear friends, let us listen to Egypt's voice! (Not the voice on the side of As-Sisi for sure). The voice of the people. Those innocent people. And to the President, Dr. Morsi, do stay strong! Stay in your peoples' hopes. Allah is with you and your people. You bring Islam to the top, and to the best apex, you are a real fighter, Doctor. 

And for all Muslims, 
The least and the best we can do is Doa', Pray and Hope.
The worst, please show some concern and curiosity towards this issue.
That is the least thing we should ever do.

#pray for EGYPT!
#save EGYPT!



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