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LOVE T@LK (sekadar cinta ke?)
written on Friday, June 25, 2010 @ 12:27 AM ✈

ini sebuah foliografi tentang abstrak cinta dlm hati kamu.

love is blind.
love makes you speechless.
"stop there!"

you jump for love.
to show how you feel so great.
"hey you!"

when you need to say.
you have to express it.
"i love you!"

you are in love.
everywhere and anywhere.
"oh my prada!"

bear in mind.
the moment you remember is when you feel soo loved.
"adore you!"

you feel like flying.
it doesnt mean the umbrella is red. it's your heart.
"it's miracle!"

you'll find something in love.
and it's all about passion.
"you spirit!"

love will soften your life.
as you believe in it.
"forget me not!"

but sometimes, you are forced to drop a tear.
when things go wrong.
"my fault!"

it's between two.
love or hate.
you choose and you judge.
the best is in your hand.


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