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voice of my heart
written on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 @ 7:54 AM ✈


i'm sorry, i cant be perfect.
it was my fault. my bad.
i wished to find the best in him.
but i was wrong.
it was really vice versa.
sorry friends.
it's not nice to let u all know badness in me.
i was khilaf.
anyway, people always make mistake right?
i apologize.
and ofcoz, i did ask to ALLAH to forgive.
but for now,
i could'nt do any correction yet.
he holds everything i have.
it's hard to let him calm.
and for the time being,
my heart could easily broken / touched.
as for me,
i'm now facing a hardcore problem.
but sometimes, crying could make me calm.

i've to be very fair between him and all my friends.
and i've to drive this problem
to an end as early as i can.
i wont hurt anybody.
i wont let anyone down.
after all, this is juz my problem.
but i hope u all can give strength
for me to face all these.
one thing for sure, 
i'm now swimming my hardest
to reach the beach.

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